Counterculture Journalism

Counterculture journalism is written outside of the mainstream media, usually on a small budget and often unpaid, at times heroic in the face of severe repression by the establishment. Driven by a strong sense of urgency, fair play and social justice, these writers, artists, photographers are often working unpaid and marginalized on the fringe of society.


Unlike the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the GSB covers were more artistic and used various art mediums to showcase their cover stories. Through photo-montage, illustration, printmaking techniques, and many other forms they were able to visually grab the reader's attention in non-traditional ways. 

See Special Collections' Great Speckled Bird newspaper collection and the Social Change Collection for information on manuscripts documenting Social Change in the Southeast. See also, Tom Coffin photographsGreat Speckled Bird records, Rose Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library, Emory University.