The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The Atlanta Journal Magazine

Magazines like the Atlanta Journal Sunday Magazine relied heavily on imagery and documented lifestyle pieces as well as news events. Created in 1912, the magazine evolved over time to include in-depth looks on notable figures, different occupations of Georgia residents, sports, as well as scientific advancements. In the 1950s the Journal and Constitution combined to create a Sunday edition known as the Atlanta Journal and Constitution Magazine. In 1980 it would change once more to the Atlanta Weekly.

One aspect that set the magazine apart from the newspaper was the use of large colorful photographs, both within the articles and as print advertisements. While every story did not run in color, the majority of images were photographed on large format color positive film. Over time the layers of the color dye will shift causing discoloration, most noticeably a magenta overtone to the image.

Magazine Photographers

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution employed their best staff photographers to cover stories for the weekly magazine. Two of these photographers were Kenneth Rogers and Floyd Jillson, both of whom worked for the paper for over 40 years each.