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Radio Broadcasting Collection


Radio broadcasting in Georgia

WSB Radio Booth
Harry Chapman reading into a microphone at a studio console with turntables and a large clock. Tape cartridges and tape equipment are seen behind him. Radio booth in the WSB White Columns building.

WSB record vault
Among shelves of WSB's records, John Moore works on a typewriter, Bob Van Camp sits at a turntable, and a standing woman looks through a box of records.

WSB Transmitter
A white building houses a WSB radio transmitter which broadcasts from the antenna tower behind it. The bands at the tower's guy-wires and the lettering on the building's transom appear to uniquely correspond to the Tucker, Georgia radio transmitter. …

WSB radio engineers
A radio operator sits at a desk with control equipment and a typewriter, while a second man leans over a control panel, in a control room in WSB studios at the Atlanta Biltmore Hotel. Photo reverse identifies the men as Charlie Adams and Jerry.

Bob Van Camp playing organ in WSB studios
Bob Van Camp sits at an organ in a WSB radio studio in the Atlanta Biltmore Hotel. Another man sits to the side of the organ. A WSB microphone is placed on a stand between them.

Man at typewriter in WSB control room
A man sits at a typewriter in a radio control room in the WSB studios at the Atlanta Biltmore Hotel. The control room features an array of electronic devices.

WAOK Radio (portrait of disc jockey Zenas Sears)
Zenas "Daddy" Sears (1914-1988) was a disc jockey at Atlanta radio station WGST (1948-1951) before buying WAOK in 1956. A pioneer in broadcasting African-American popular music such as blues, R&B, and soul, Sears' later programming reflected his…

Journalists in WSB newsroom
Eight men working in the newsroom of the White Columns building. A man has his hand placed on a portable recording machine on the center desk. A row of wire service teletype machines is seen along the right rear wall.

WSB employee showing newswire
A WSB employee gestures to a newswire service machine for a visiting businessman. The right teletype is labeled: United Press International.

Aubrey Morris and Elmo Ellis interviewing a Marine Corps Reservist
Aubrey Morris, left, holds a microphone and operates a portable recorder as a United States Marine Corps Reserves representative holds a picture in front of Elmo Ellis, center. The picture reads: U.S. Marine Reserves Toys for Tots 1966. With thanks…

Front of WSB White Columns building
An exterior view of the White Columns building. An antenna tower is visible at rear left, and a lamp stands next to a brick sidewalk.

WSB radio play "The Harbor We Seek" in production
Ensemble of male and female performers gathered around microphones in WSB studios, holding written material. A phonograph is seen at right. A scrapbook page reads: "The Harbor We Seek" Half-hour sustaining drama series originating in 1946. Promotes…

WSB Reporter Walter Paschall
Reporter Walter Paschall reads from a script at a WSB microphone in the radio studios at the Atlanta Biltmore Hotel.

Jane Sparks Willingham
Headshot of Jane Sparks Willingham from timeline

Henry Ford visiting WSB Radio, Atlanta
Standing, right: Atlanta Journal publisher John S. Cohen; seated: Henry Ford. Envelope description: WSB [Radio]; Opera singers; Old Radio; [Photo "a" left to right: Walter Tison, Alma Gluck, and Efrem Zimbalist] Rosa Parsell; Mr. Henry Ford;