Card from Alice Hoffman to Megan Sexton.

We are honored that Alice Hoffman's connection to Five Points spans nearly 20 years, beginning with the publication of work that was later published in her acclaimed short story collection, Local Girls (Penguin 1999). The stories from Local Girls are set in Long Island, where Hoffman was born and raised and where I had lived until the age of 10. Although I hadn’t lived there for many years, the rich landscape and pitch perfect voices of the characters called out from across time and felt familiar to me. In corresponding with Alice about her page proofs back then, I was compelled to share with her that I too was a “local girl” and how transported I was by her stories. In the first of her many kindnesses towards me and the journal, she sent a card emblazoned with an angel inscribed with a note proclaiming “I think most everyone turns out to be from Long Island….”

Flash forward to our most recent issue, Volume 18, no. 1, and we could not be more pleased to be featuring another story by Alice, "In Pieces." All together we've published a total of eight of Alice's stories in Five Points to date. Her commitment to fostering Five Points and as well as other  literary magazines throughout her career speaks to her generosity and nurturing spirit.