Student Life 

Grady School of Nursing Valentines Dance

Valentine's Day dance, from the Gray-Dee yearbook (1962)

Prior to integrating the programs, white Grady nursing students lived in dorms located near Grady Memorial Hospital. Once the two programs integrated in 1964, black students joined white students in classes and dorms.

In addition to taking classes and working clinical rounds, the nursing students participated in a number of social events each year, including school dances and holiday celebrations. The school also sponsored extracurricular activities such as yearbook, student government, basketball, cheerleading, and glee club.

All nursing students lived in dorms until 1965 when the policy changed to allow students to live off campus. “Dorm mothers” stayed in the dorms with the student nurses and provided support and supervision as well as enforce strict curfew policies.


Oral Histories from Grady School of Nursing

Geneva Cox Boykin Oral History

Interview with Geneva Cox Boykin and Judith Clary, May 28, 2014. Boykin discusses life in the dorm as a nursing student at Grady School of Nursing.

Linda Wilson Oral History

Interview with Linda Wilson, October 3, 2014. In this interview, Wilson discusses life as a nursing student at Grady School of Nursing.