Atlanta has had a long history of creating community through sport. A number of different sports leagues existed, but Atlanta’s softball scene was especially strong. Organizations and bars created teams that competed against one another. Some played in the city’s “straight” leagues, while many played for the Hotlanta Softball League.

The ALFA Omegas

"The ALFA Omegas were the very first and only out-of-the-closet lesbian feminist softball team to play in the city of Atlanta League. In the spirit of feminism, we were a non-competitive team, which meant that if you came to the practices, you played in the games, regardless of skill level, regardless of experience, regardless of athletic ability, regardless if it was a close game I the bottom of the late innings, with a runner in scoring position, and one out. Regardless of that situation, we were a non-competitive softball team, and we did have fun!"
Pici, June 7, 2014

"ALFA wasn’t spelled out (A-L-F-A), but if anyone wanted to know who we were, we would tell them. And if we wanted to be funny, and if someone asked us that we didn’t think needed to know, we would say, “We’re the Atlanta Light Fixtures Association! 

Sometimes we would play a team which we’d think almost all the women seemed to be dykes, and we would have a lot of fun because they were trying to be in the closet. And we were shouting things like, “Gimme a D! Gimme a Y! Gimme a K! Dyke! Dyke! Dyke!"
Lorraine Fontana, October 29, 2012

Hotlanta Softball League