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From ancient scrolls to digital narratives, the forms that knowledge takes influence how and what people write and read. This exhibit is based on the GSU Honors course “Technologies of Knowledge from Papyrus to iPad,” taught in Fall 2017 by Dr. Lindsey Eckert. The course explored how material and digital forms of knowledge crucially inform the history and future of ideas. The objectives of the course were that students develop skills for working with and analyzing rare books, innovate new ways to present research digitally, employ relevant vocabulary for analyzing print and digital literature, and question how technological innovations influence the creation and reception of knowledge.

Small groups of students “adopted” five rare books from GSU Library’s Special Collections & Archives. The students researched each book’s history and material characteristics then considered how best to share the book and their knowledge through this digital exhibition. By conducting in-depth bibliographic research, the students developed a comprehensive descriptive and analytical bibliography for each book.

We hope that you will enjoy and appreciate the extensive work that went into this exhibit.