'First Edition' of Ben-Hur 'First Edition' of Ben-Hur 'First Edition' of Ben-Hur

There are many different books that claim to be a 'first edition' of Ben-Hur that are sold on websites like Abebooks.com, but due to the previous research made and presented, it can be known that all of these copies are false. For example, one copy advertised as 'first edition' does not have a photo to support the first edition claim, and in the item description, it states that it was published in 1962 by Scholastic Book Services. Because the original copy has a special type of binding that is attached to the back of the book when re-bound, it can be known that this copy being sold from the Christian Book Store is not an actual first edition. Another copy on the same website and sold by Better World Books also claims to be first edition, but it was published in 1959 by Random House, and the stock image accompanying the book is not of the original, but of a different kind of design. There is even a German version of the book that is published by Kaiser in Klagenfurt in 1978 claiming to be the first edition, but because the book was written in English and has specifications that make it a first edition, this one is not a first edition.