National Publishing Company

Riots Publisher Engraving

Back cover engraving of the National Publishing Company logo

National Publishing Company has a long-running history of utilizing the subscription-model to serve their audience best. They were founded in 1863 using the same basis of their business to this day, generating a revenue of 33.6 million dollars (“Buzzfile”). National Publishing Company is known and specializes in religious, medical, and lightweight paper books (“Company Overview of National Publishing Company”). They have only had to adapt their business model a few times during moments of economic hardships, such as the Great Depression. Their business is designed to focus on attracting new subscribers to read their published books, as opposed to putting their books out on the market. 

The benefit of having a subscription model, especially when it comes to book sales, is that the business is in control of their market. They can already predict what their supply will need to be to match their expected of demand of those who are subscribers. This transforms their business to focus more on the advertisement aspect to get more subscribers (Coussement and Poel 314). Another strong aspect of having this kind of business model is they can maximize their profits by cutting out any miscellaneous aspects (Coussement and Poel 314). This also builds a loyal subscriber base instead of always having to compete with other books using the same tactics to attract customers. Having a strong sense of what their subscribers want, they can predict what their audience will enjoy in the future and what to avoid at all costs.