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Gerrard, Morna
On April 23, 2017, we traveled to Clayton, GA, to capture the stories of four marchers, Marie Dunkle, Patricia Howell, Liza Strub, and Shannon Webb.…

Jim Woodward (2).jpg
Gerrard, Morna
Andrew Wood is a graphic designer and gay activist. Born in Atlanta in 1962, the son of two doctors, Wood's early years were filled with art, books,…

ARMA International
The Women's March Oral History Project aims to capture the stories of individuals who attended the March on Washington and any of the sister marches…

Gerrard, Morna
On January 21, 2017, millions of people worldwide took part in marches to protest the inauguration of Donald Trump as the President of the United…

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra strike. Print verso date-stamped Sep 16 1974. Photographer Dwight Ross, Jr.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Newspaper caption attached to print verso: "Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Members Sign List For Picket Shifts. Tom Thoreson (Top), Mrs. Alice Oglesby,…

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Children exiting the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium after an Atlanta Symphony school concert.

Seal of the Georgia School of Technology
Georgia Institute of Technology

Office of Student Life and Leadership -- Intercultural Relations records

Office of Student Life and Leadership -- Intercultural Relations records

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Printed on assignment sheet: "831 Briarcliff Road. Idea: Jerusalem house, the city's first real home for AIDS patients has just been renovated and…

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Printed on assignment sheet: "Open house at Jerusalem House, the state's first home for people with AIDS. 1989-11-12. Photog: Dianne Laakso." Caption:…

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Negative envelope identifies photographer Billy Downs: inscribed, "State Capitol, AIDS vigil and rally. Bill Paul; Janet Collum, speaker."

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