Aphrodite Page 5

11th edition, 1923

La guirlande d'Aphrodite : recueil d'e╠üpigrammes amoureuses de l'anthologie grecque by André-Ferdinand Herold’s, is a collection of Greek poetry translated into the French language that not only portrays the beautiful poetry of Aphrodite and other characters of Greek literature through the text, but it also displays the grandeur and majestic beauty of the text and the book itself through its vibrant illustrations, cover, paper, and water marbling.

Given that Greek poetry is known to be exquisite, unique, and valued and the French language and culture is known to be romantic and elegant, it only makes sense that a collection of poems about Aphrodite and other Greek romantic figures would be displayed in an elaborately designed book that adds to the luxurious and rich feel of the reading experience just as the text does.

This particular version of the book is the eleventh edition and consists of gatherings in the octavo form. Although the entirety of the text is written in the French language and a typical English speaker may not be able to understand the text, much of the book’s beauty and significance can be derived from its physical aspects.