About the Exhibit

In the 30 years after the fight to welcome the first Black students to Georgia States campus, protests for other campus injustices persisted. For decades GSU students stood at the forefront of community and campus movements demading protections for women, LGBTQ+, and Black students. Racist, sexist, and homophobic incidents on campus over the summer culminated in a student greivance forum on November 5, 1992 as students were pushing for more safe conditions across campus. When a trashcan in the University Center’s Frat Hall was defaced with the racist sentiment ‘N***ers enter’ a day before, student Eric Bridges and other Phi Beta Sigma brothers began to notify other student groups. The issue was taken to the new university President Carl Patton by student leaders Kenyatta Adeniya and Lawrence Phillpot. Believing the university had been too passive in response to overt racist, sexist and homophobic acts in the past, a list of student demands, expected to be fulfilled by November 14, was presented to the President by a collective of “Concerned Students” who staged sit-ins to call the student body to action in the name of change.

Exhibit by Tanjanae Walker

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