Mixed Reviews

Despite the intentions of the Concerned Students, there were many differing perspectives of the demonstrations. Black, white, and queer students were interviewed by GSU Signal.

The following quotes are excerpts from various conversations about the protests around campus. These quotes were given by white students and black students as well as homosexual students.”

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GSU Signal outlines the positions of the three main actors: Administration, Concerned Students, and Sigma Nu fraternity

“These were a bunch of great kids. They worked hard to try and make their point.”

Carl V. Patton, GSU President
Georgia State University student newspaper reports on the 1992 protest 1 year later in 1993

”I was scared that some of the students might get hurt during the protest, but I felt confident that they were doing the right thing by standing up for what they believed in. I was also impressed with the students ability to negotiate with administrators. They seemed to gel together at just the right time.”

Dr. Beatrice Moralez of GSU Anthropology Department, 1993