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Zenas Sears

A History of Radio Broadcasting in Georgia: Exploring Georgia Radio

This exhibit documents the history of radio broadcasting in the state of Georgia over a 50 year period from its inception in 1922 through the 1970s. Content and materials used…


Out in the Archives: Gender and Sexuality Collections at Georgia State University

This exhibit highlights the parts of Atlanta’s LGBTQ+ history that are most fully documented by the collections currently in our custody. The Gender and Sexuality Collections at Georgia State University…


Kell Hall: Capturing the Legacy

This exhibit is a collaboration between Georgia State University Library and the Student Innovation Fellowship to digitally preserve the histories, aesthetics, and experiences of Kell Hall and to commemorate its…


Johnny Mercer: The Old Music Master

This exhibit commemorates the legacy of Johnny Mercer.  Even if you’re not aware of it, you’re probably already familiar with the music of Johnny Mercer. His songs, with their wide range…

Emerson Elementary School class picture, ca. 1947

Health is a Human Right: Race & Place in America

This online exhibit is a repurposing of the David J. Sencer CDC Museum's 2014 exhibition. It examines some historic challenges of the past 120 years in achieving health equity for…


Equal Playing Fields: The Fight for Equality in Women’s Sports

The Women’s Collections at Georgia State University seek to tell the stories of women who fought for equal treatment in all aspects of society. This exhibit features the century-long fight for equality in women’s sports, the legislative action…

Representative John Lewis with Representative Tyrone Brooks arm-in-arm at the Brothers Day March, 1992

Bridging Communities: 50 Years of Collecting at Georgia State University

The Library’s Special Collections and Archives launched formally in 1971, with a mission to collect rare and unique primary source material to support teaching and scholarship.  Our first collections directly engaged…

Photographer Tracy O'Neal, 1959

A Race Against Time: Saving Atlanta’s Photographic History

A Race Against Time features photographs and negatives from Lane Brothers Commercial Photographers, Tracy W. O’Neal, Ernest G. Welch, Tom Coffin, David Lennox, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Photographic Archives. These visual treasures document…