About the Exhibit

A friend of mine said the other day: I never listen to radio anymore…..Then I started questioning him and I found that he still listened to radio in the morning when he got up…he still listened in his automobile…He still listened at dinnertime and he still listened when he went to bed…..”Come to think of it,” said my friend, “I guess I still listen to radio a heck of a lot and didn’t realize it.”

Promotion Script, ca.1960s

This exhibit documents the history of radio broadcasting in the state of Georgia over a 50 year period from its inception in 1922 through the 1970s.

The exhibit was created by Georgia State University graduate student Sara Patenaude and Popular Music and Culture Archivist Kevin Fleming in conjunction with John Long from the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame. Content and materials used in this exhibit were taken from the Radio Broadcasting Collections housed in the Special Collections and Archives at the Georgia State University Library and from the collections at the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame.

The exhibit was unveiled in October of 2013 coinciding with the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame’s 7th Annual Induction and Awards Ceremony.    

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