About the Exhibit

Health Is a Human Right [Race and Place in America] is a repurposing by the Georgia State University Library and the Georgia State School of Public Health of elements from the David J. Sencer CDC Museum’s 2014 exhibition.

This exhibition examines some historic challenges of the past 120 years in achieving health equity for all in the U.S. We know that “race and place” are as important as personal choices in achieving our full potential. People with low-incomes, minorities, and other socially disadvantaged populations face significant inequities in opportunity for optimal health. This can lead to inequities in health, along the lines of race, ethnicity, and place.

This exhibit is an evolving, on-going project with input, research and up-dates from GSU students and faculty as lesson plans and curriculum related to the exhibit content are developed and implemented.

The physical exhibit is housed at Georgia State University College of Law.

For information about viewing the exhibit in person, visit the Georgia State School of Public Health’s Health is a Human Right exhibit page.


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Curatorial assistance provided by Laurie Sedicino.

Omeka exhibit created by Sharon Leslie, Georgia State University Library.

Exhibit Team

  • Kim Ramsey-White
  • Laurie Sedicino
  • Stacie Kershner
  • Margaret Hooker
  • Sharon Leslie

Participating Faculty

  • Kimberly Cleveland
  • Iris Feinberg
  • Matt Gayman
  • Jeffrey Glover
  • John Steward
  • Cassie White

Digital Design Team

  • Eric Willoughby
  • Spencer Roberts

Emerson Elementary School Class Photo Courtesy of the San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library.

Digital exhibit copyrighted by Georgia State University Library.

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