Steps of Woodblock Printing

The Making of a Japanese Print: Harunobu's "Heron Maid" The Making of a Japanese Print: Harunobu's "Heron Maid"

Step 1: Many artists sketch their image or picture on a silk or paper using the oil paint, which is easier to transfer the image on to the wood.

Step 2: Carefully carved out the edge of the wood and mark a line which will use as the guideline for aligning the paper. Then begin carving the outline of the images using the Toh (knife) and other sharp tools ( Carve a thin layer which we use to paint the image and all the background and unwanted parts should be carved out the wood. Artists must carve more the one woodblock because every color on the image has to have its own woodblock. According to the research, its wise to try it out a paper using the black ink because by printing a sample, you should be able to improve the outline of the image before begins printing the actual images with color inks. You also have to keep the same level of moisture throughout the process.

Step 3: Apply the first paint on to the carved wood and carefully align the paper with the align marker.

Step 4: Once the paper is on top of the wood, use the baren to burnish the back of a sheet of paper and you must repeat this process based on the number of the colors in the image. For example, if the image has 10 different colors, then you should have 11 woodblocks, so you must repeat this process 11 times to finish the image.

Step 5: Wash the woodblocks with water and leave the paper in the open area to dry the paint on the paper.