The History of the Great Riots provides an account of the railroad strikes of 1877 that swept across the nation. This copy is a first edition, of which there are only few that are located in Australia. What makes this book so special is the historical context in which it exists. It represents an era where the wealthy upper class made their living exploiting the lower classes, a situation not so different from our current one. The bibliographic codes of the novel exhibit wealth, but the subjects do the opposite. 

    At first it appeared that the author was Edward Winslow Martin, but upon further research on Goodreads and Google Books, I discovered that this was in fact a pseudonym for James Dabney McCabe. It is a mystery as to why he chose to write under a false name, and it makes us wonder if it has anything to do with the tense class relations at the time. Whatever the case, his account is valuable because of the timeliness of it's publication, and the class struggle it represents.