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This article describes the d'Humy Motoramp system, with two illustrations of the design. The article focuses on the space saved by using staggered floors and shorter ramps.

This article in the catalog serves primarily as an advertisement for the Ramp Buildings Corporation and the d'Humy Motoramp system. It describes the design and benefits of the system compared to ordinary ramps. Two illustrations depict a typical…

This patent describes the novel design for a ramp system to facilitate the movement of vehicles between floors within a building. It provides the description written by the original inventor, Fernand E. d'Humy, and drawings to illustrate the design…

This brochure makes a case for parking garages in urban centers, describes the advantages and design options for the d'Humy Motoramp system, and provides examples of layouts and uses of the system in cities across the nation.

This brochure for the Ramp Buildings Corporation includes descriptions of the d'Humy Motoramp system, financial information about parking garage operations, drawings of different design options, and examples of the system being used in cities around…

In this article, Blanchard explains how the staggered floors in the design of the d'Humy motoramp system reduce the length of the ramps. He suggests that the shorter ramps are safer than longer ramps and allow more space for parking cars. However, he…
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