The Kell Hall Digital Preservation Project is a product of the Student Innovation Fellowship Program, a collaboration between the Georgia State University Library and Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning.

Contribute to improvements of our dynamic, student-centered space that inspires learning and facilitates connections. The Georgia State University Library, as it seeks to be a national model of the innovative research library, aims to provide dynamic physical and virtual spaces in support of our Strategic Intentions. With this in mind, the University Library has developed a master plan for the Atlanta campus library. The result is a plan which will guide our space decisions in the years ahead.

External support is critical for the development of our master plan, which has begun with the destruction of Kell Hall, and the construction of the greenway and the LIbrary North Entrance. You can give now to the Library Future Fund. Or, if you would like to have an even more substantial and long-lasting impact in the success of Georgia State students, please consider creating an endowment or establishing a planned gift to the University Library. Contact Benoit Sabourin, Director of Development, for more information:

Benoit Sabourin
Director of Development
Georgia State University Library
PO Box 3967
Atlanta, GA 30302-3967
Phone: 404-413-2702
Email: bsabourin@gsu.edu