Project Overview

Kell Hall: Capturing the Legacy is a collaboration between Georgia State University Library and the Student Innovation Fellowship to digitally preserve the histories, aesthetics, and experiences of Kell Hall to commemorate its place in the history of Georgia State University.

The project involves:

  • scanning the interior and exterior of the building to capture its unique design and original construction as a parking garage
  • collecting photographs and documents about Kell Hall's history
  • collecting unique artifacts from Kell Hall dating from the 1940s to the present that represent the physical space and activities in the building
  • interviewing faculty, students, and alumni about their experiences and memories of Kell Hall
  • writing topical exhibits about different aspects of Kell Hall through the years

Project Team

Spencer Roberts, Project Leader & Designer

Saif Ali, Researcher

John Horhn, Researcher

Blake Lowe, Researcher & 3D Capture

Jes Moss, Researcher & 3D Capture

Chanan Myers, Researcher & Artist

Don Norwood, Researcher & Fabricator

Sophia Queen, Researcher

Cory Schlotzhauer, 3D Modeling


Georgia State University Library

Kathryn Michaelis and Jeremy Bright, GSU Library Digital Projects

John Johnson, Assistant Manager, GSU Facilities

GSU Facilities Personnel

Beam Imagination, LLC

GSU Center for the Advancement of Student and Alumni