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Page 4 has an advertisement for the University Center Barber Shop run by Frank Sparti, a Junior College student

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Page 3 has a brief article about the newly opened barber shop on the first floor of the Ivy Street Building.

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Page 4 has an article about the Georgia State Players' production of "Light Up the Sky" in the Little Theatre on the 6th floor of the Ivy Street Building.

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Page 5 has an article about a new Differential Scanning Calorimeter in the chemistry department.

Article about restrooms for transgender students includes photograph of the only gender-neutral bathroom on campus, on the first floor of Kell Hall

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Article about Kell Hall demolition

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Article with tips for students mentions the Kell Hall Corner Cafe and Starbucks as a "secret" option

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Article about lack of technology in Kell Hall classrooms

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Article about lack of accessibility, particularly in Kell Hall
Article about SGA elections mentioning Kell Hall demolition plans
Lead story about Kell Hall Demolition
Editorial about Kell Hall demolition
Article and map about the plans for Kell and Sparks Halls, providing a synopsis of the plan and issues
Student opinion letter about the Kell Hall Starbucks, complaining about the sudden lack of Coke machines in the university
Pages 6 & 7: memorable headlines from the Signal which detail some of the history of GSU Pages 9 & 11: photo and text retrospective of the changes at GSU over time
Article about the One Stop Shop and a new location opening in Kell Hall
Article about plans to expand the Georgia State campus in downtown Atlanta, which would require demolition of two buildings. Although not mentioned by name, these are likely Kell and Sparks Halls. Funding is reported to come from private investment…
An article across two pages about the Revised Master Plan, aka The Main Street Master Plan, explaining a new plan to move labs out of Kell Hall into the Science Park (Petit complex), then move offices out of Sparks and into Kell. The humanities…

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Page 5: article about changes to the 1999 Master Plan being announced in September 2005, with a few mentions of Kell Hall. Page 8: article about renovations to Auxiliary Services, including 2 photos of the newly renovated Kell Hall dining area. This…
Advertisement for Geology Speaker Series in Room 314, Kell Hall, with reception in Room 340
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