Controversy in Women’s Sports

Despite the positive impact of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, it has a history of sparking controversy. Similar to arguments still made today, claims were made that gender equality meant that men and women had to share bathrooms or locker rooms. Other arguments were that women were just not interested in sports and that adding women’s sports was too financially difficult for institutions.

Many people felt that equality between men and women’s sports in colleges would lead only to a loss of scholarship opportunities for young men or have a negative effect on existing athletic programs. Nevertheless, the law has allowed generations of girls to receive college scholarships. 

Since Title IX’s passing, there has been disagreement over whether or not cheerleading should qualify as a sport. On one hand, high athletic skill is required to participate in competitive cheerleading, on the other hand, some schools use side-line cheerleading as a way to get out of complying with Title IX policies.

In the last few years, the largest Title IX controversy has surrounded LGBTQ+ students, especially transgender athletes. As recently as 2021 state legislatures have introduced bills attempting to ban transgender athletes, specifically trans girls, from participating in athletics at all.