Georgia’s Equity in Sports Act 2000

It’s time for justice for girls in Georgia

Anne Harper, April 13, 2021

In 2000, Georgia state legislators Kathy Ashe and Stephanie Stuckey-Benfield introduced House Bill 1308, the Equity in Sports Act. The bill was designed to reinforce Title IX policies at a state level. Ashe and Stuckey-Benfield had discovered that the majority of Georgia schools were not in compliance with Title IX equity rules, almost thirty years after its passing.  

At LSU where the coach of the men’s basketball team was recorded in a deposition talking about, ‘you know, girls oughta be athletes, they’re really cute in their uniforms.’ It rang real true that it was time to do something about it in Georgia.

Kathy Ashe, April 13, 2021

In 1993, an anonymous complaint was filed against the Oconee County school district for failing to comply with Title IX. This was the first complaint of its kind in Georgia and was often used as an example by later legislators to illustrate why the Equity in Sports Act was a necessary measure. 

 “Equity program can lift all boats”, c2000