This collection includes individual photographs of Kell Hall and various related subjects. The photos are drawn from numerous digital archives.

Collection Items

Exterior of the Atlanta Division building for UGA, 1953
This photograph of the Ivy Street Building shows the main entrance and Hurt Grill on first floor

College students line up to view class schedules on chalkboards, 1953
In this photograph, you can see some course numbers and room assignments for classes at the Atlanta Division of UGA in the Ivy Street Building

Art students in class at UGA's Atlanta campus, 1953
Interior, showing 4-pane window, northeast wall, 7th floor

Students inside Kell Hall walking down the converted parking garage ramps at Georgia State University, 1964
This photograph likely shows the ramp from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor in Kell Hall

University System of Georgia Center
Students gather outside the main entrance of the Ivy Street Building sometime between 1945 and 1947.

Honor Guard
The ROTC Honor Guard on the roof of the Ivy Street Building
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