Kell Hall in the Georgia State Signal


Kell Hall in the Georgia State Signal


Since 1945, the Georgia State Signal, under various names, has contained many photographs and articles about or relating to the Ivy Street Building. Our project team combed through eight decades of newspapers to collect these items related to Kell Hall.

Collection Items

University Signal, 1945-10-11
Description of the newly purchased building and a photograph of a student Jewel Abt on the rooftop overlooking Hurt Park and the City Auditorium.

University Signal, 1946-05-08
Page 4: Photograph of the entrance to the Ivy Street Building and a caption about the enrollment numbersAdvertisement for Mrs. Hill's Sandwiches, served in the refectory

University Signal, 1946-09-24
Page 1: an article about new agencies moving into the Ivy Street Building, including the Agricultural Committee and Engineers' office of the State Board of Regents, the Georgia Press Association, and the Georgia Public Forums.Page 3: an article by…

University Signal, 1946-12-04
Article about the new pair of bowling alleys installed on the 6th floor. It also mentions the Construction Division of the USG, which is located on the 5th floor.

University Signal, 1947-01-15
Page 1: an article about the new bowling alleys on the 6th floor that are ready for use, at the rate of 20 cents per frame before 6pm and 25 cents per frame after 6pm.Page 2: a humorous article for new students mentions the $5,000 bowling alleys, the…

University Signal, 1947-10-15
Page 1: article about the 12-year mortgage for the Ivy Street Building being paid in full in 10 months. Rentals and income from facilities, including the cafeteria, parking lots, snack shops, and barber shop, allowed Director Sparks to pay the loans…

University Signal, 1947-10-29
Page 1: an article about the American Railway Express Agency vacating its offices on the 2nd and 3rd floors to make space for 12 new classrooms. The agency agreed to move out by December 1, 1947.Page 3: an article about surplus materials used in the…

University Signal, 1947-11-19
An article about City Building Code violations charged to the school, detailing infractions related to the slope of the ramps and fire safety. The wooden partitions added during the conversion of the Ivy Street Building were being replaced with…

University Signal, 1948-02-18
Page 1: an article about Director Sparks's plans to build a "campus in the sky" on the rooftop of the Ivy Street Building. A waterproof floor material would be added to the roof to provide a surface for dancing, a section of sand for sunbathing, and…

University Signal, 1948-03-03
An article about new classrooms being constructed in the space vacated by the Railway Express Agency. Two classrooms on the third floor were in use by this date while the other six were still being completed.

University Signal, 1948-04-01
A cartoon with the pillars of the Ivy Street Building

University Signal, 1948-04-15
Brief article about work on the rooftop activities space on the Ivy Street Building

University Signal, 1948-05-05
Pages 1 & 4: New liberal arts courses, including drama and music, planned for fall of 1948, to be held on the 6th floor where the bowling alley was located or on the roof (meaning 7th floor?)Page 1: New neon sign for Atlanta Division was placed…

University Signal, 1948-10-06
New music department rooms constructed on the 6th floor were built from soundproof concrete blocks, but designed to be easily removed if needed. School carpenters built special soundproof doors for the practice rooms. Building Superintendent C. J.…

University Signal, 1948-10-21
An article about the bowling alleys, which had been our of use while the recreation area was used for storage. Director Sparks commented that the need for classrooms might require removing the lanes, possibly moved to the Indian Creek Lodge.

University Signal, 1948-12-06
An article about the Anderson Clayton Company vacating its rooms on the 6th and 7th floors. Director Sparks commented that plans include new music and art studios.

University Signal, 1949-02-02
An article about the work being done on the 5th, 6th, and 7th floors. Director Sparks announced a new assembly hall on six, where the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra would rehearse, having previously rehearsed in a room on the 3rd floor. The 7th floor…

University Signal, 1949-02-24
Page 1: completed renovations on the 7th floor penthouse provides a space for student activities, which Coach Herbert Burgess suggests is better suited for dances and socials than the school gymPage 5: the renovations to the 6th floor include the new…

University Signal, 1949-04-08
Page 5: an article about the plans for the rooftop "campus in the sky" with temporary beach, tennis and badminton courts, shuffleboard, and a dancing floor. Hopes for a swimming pool were dashed when engineers determined the weight would be too much…

University Signal, 1949-09-26
Page 1: a photograph of the Ivy Street BuildingPage 3: a cartoon about shady characters selling classroom maps and elevator tickets
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