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The Bolling Jones Building, 1925-1945


This exhibit describes the initial design of the Bolling-Jones Building and the d'Humy Motoramp System. It also tells the story of the building's construction in 1925 and life through the 1940s.

Becoming Kell Hall, 1945-1969


This exhibit covers the history of the Bolling Jones Building after its purchase by the University System of Georgia and its subsequent renaming as the Kell Science Hall in 1964.

Rod Nave's Kell Hall


Dr. Carl Nave spent his 50-year career at Georgia State. This exhibit highlights the memories and photographs that he collected in Kell Hall.

Oddities of Kell Hall


This exhibit highlights some of the unique and fascinating spaces, stories, and tales of Kell Hall.

There are five parts to this exhibit:

The Lobster Tale

The Radioactive Vacuum Pump

Forgotten Darkrooms

Uncovered Parking Lines

Rooms over Ramps