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One woman and one man standing in front of the main entrance to the UGA Atlanta Division building at 24 Ivy Street

One woman and one man stand outside the main entrance to UGA's Atlanta Division building at 24 Ivy Street. The neon sign for the school is also visible.

Neon sign on the top of the UGA's Atlanta Division building at 24 Ivy Street

Man sitting on the patio attached to Kell Hall overlooking the parking lot between Sparks and Kell. The Student Activities Building is visible and under construction.

Workers breaking through the concrete floors to insert staircases

Students walking down a ramp in the Ivy Street building. In the background, a sign reads "101A TO 104A" with an arrow.

Students gather around the service window on lower 2nd floor junction with the ramp to the 1st floor of Kell Hall.

Students walking on the upper 1st floor of Kell Hall

Dr. Noah Langdale and Mrs. H. D. Rumble, daughter of Wayne S. Kell, at the dedication of Kell Hall in 1964.

Students gather outside the Blue Key Book Exchange and refectory on lower 1st floor of Kell Hall.

Pat Pierce, an art student, paints a portrait of an unknown model on the rooftop of the Ivy Street Building.

ROTC Color Guard on rooftop of Ivy Street Building

A man bowls while a woman watches. The photograph is mislabeled as Indian Creek Lodge, but the windows indicate that the bowling lane is in Kell Hall. Other sources suggest it was located on the 6th floor.
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