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Article about athletes coming to Kell Hall labs for cardiopulmonary tests and training; photos of biology department in a biology lab, a biology student with a crayfish, the chemistry club in a lab, and the Rampway staff sitting on the ramp…
Photos of ramps, chemistry labs, and psychology students with rats

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Photos of the refectory, artwork on the roof, ramps, and physics and chemistry labs
Photos of chemistry and biology labs, hallways, classrooms, art and design studio, and ramps

Four page article about different facilities that housed the school; photos of the exterior of the Ivy Street building, ramps, and biology and chemistry labs

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History of the school; photos of Ivy Street building, lobby, ramps, and main entrance; Hurt Cafeteria advertisement; description of facilities; sketch of school and downtown area
Images including: embossed cover of the yearbook with the ramps of Ivy Street, title page with photograph of main Ivy Street entrance, photos of main entrance, library, registration, ramps, choral practice, telephone booths, book exchange, bowling…
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