Dr. David W. Boykin - Memories of Kell Hall


Dr. David W. Boykin - Memories of Kell Hall


Hired in 1965 by Georgia State College to teach in chemistry, Dr. David Boykin spent most of his career working in Kell Hall. Over the years, his projects and funding allowed him to set up many laboratories on the 6th floor.

"Any space in Kell Hall is not an ideal laboratory space."

  • In his interview with the provost, he was told he would be able to move out of Kell Hall within three years. The move finally happened in 2018.
  • Because his first lab wasn't ready when he was hired, Boykin spent a year away working on a malaria project while the school set up his lab.
  • In one of his first labs, the lines from the parking garage were still visible where the floor paint had worn away.
  • One lab backed onto the music department, so the chemists listened to the rehearsals.
  • The chemistry storage space on the 5th floor had an opening in the ceiling that connected to the music room above.
  • Working in Kell Hall on the weekends required a flashlight to navigate the ramps because the main lights were switched off.
  • Kell Hall was so sturdy that the construction of Langdale Hall next door didn't disturb the chemistry balances.
  • Changes in water pressure often caused rubber hoses to disconnect and flood the labs and lower rooms.


October 18, 2018


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Blake Lowe


Dr. David W. Boykin


Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Georgia State University




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