Remembering Kell Hall, 1960's and 70's


Remembering Kell Hall, 1960's and 70's


Robert Shuford

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I first came to Georgia State in January of 1964 as a student. There were two buildings at the time, Kell Hall and Sparks Hall. For food service, there was a cafeteria in the basement of Sparks and the Refectory in Kell. If you chose to eat in Kell, there were no vending machines, and you bought sandwiches and stuff through a window in a wire cage on the bottom floor. I returned to Ga. State as an employee in 1971. At the top of the first ramp that leads to Sparks Hall was the school switchboard. It was housed in a small room with a glass window. Several women would answer incoming calls and direct them to the proper office using cords that they would plug into the appropriate line. The operators also answered questions and gave directions. The long time supervisor of the switchboard was Betty Abernathy.



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