AID Atlanta

In Atlanta, organizations were established to provide ongoing assistance for People with AIDS (PWAs).These groups such as AID Atlanta, Jerusalem House and Joining Hearts, chose to dedicate their efforts to fundraising in support of care and housing for people with AIDS.

Established in 1982, AID Atlanta was the first service organization to open its doors. Its staff and volunteers provided practical assistance as well as facilitating support groups and workshops for People with AIDS. During the height of the pandemic, AID Atlanta was supported by many individuals, and organizations, one such organization was Jerusalem House.

“My boss, she was wonderful. […] I very well may have taken my own life then if it hadn’t been for her and her support at the time. She called around, and she found out about AID Atlanta […] so I started driving up from Macon on Thursday nights and going to support group, and met a lot of guys there, and started learning more. You know, I learned more, way more from guys that were going through the same thing that I was going through then I could’ve learned anywhere in a book or from a doctor or anything like that.” -Jamey Rousey, oral history, 6 November 2019