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Poster advertisement for Gayle Austin’s, Milldred and Stella, a play about Mothers and Daughters, W091-OS3-001

Gayle Austin brings theory and practice together with what she calls feminist theory plays. Her academic work details how feminist theory plays have impacted her in the classroom, on the stage, at conferences, and in her writing. Austin encourages the use of feminist perspectives in unusual ways. 

Stage backdrop to the Twilight Moonbeam Ball, W081_05_07_h

The Twilight Moonbeam Ball (December 2001) was a winter fundraiser performance party for EstroFest Productions. It was a lunar-themed event that featured the spoken word and poetry of local lesbian artists and San Francisco spoken word artist Thea Hillman. The show promoted the works of over 20 local women artists (mostly lesbian), and was technically managed and produced by lesbians.

Performer in The Weather Equals the World, circa 2001, W081_05_21_b

Seen + Heard was an Estrofest project that ran from 2001-2003, Seen + Heard: The Atlanta Women’s Arts Festival (February 2001) honored and celebrated the varied experiences of women of all shapes, sizes, colors, creed, sexual orientations, and ages through multiple avenues of art and creativity. The festival’s purpose was to explore what it means to be a woman through the art of process and the process of art. It was hoped that the festival would connect its audience with information on various women-centered organizations and resources, and that, through the festival, there would be recognition within the Atlanta community of the work of women artists. Cool Girls, Inc. and Charis Circle were chosen to be beneficiaries of the festival.

Estrofest’s Seen+Heard flyer for the women’s Arts festival, W081_03_26_001