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Kell Hall in the Yearbooks

This collection contains Kell Hall-related excerpts from the Gateway, Nocturne, and Rampway yearbooks from 1946 through 1996.

Architecture and Construction


This collection includes materials related to the design and construction of the Bolling-Jones Building



This collection includes all yearbooks from the school's history, from 1934 until 1996

Kell Hall Memories


This collection contains the memories and stories of faculty, staff, and students who fondly recall the ramps and mysteries of Kell Hall

University Archives Documents


This collection includes documents from the University Archives that relate to the Ivy Street building (later Kell Hall)


This collection includes individual photographs of Kell Hall and various related subjects. The photos are drawn from numerous digital archives.

Articles and Ads

This collection contains contemporary and historical articles about Kell Hall or the Ivy Street building.

Interactive Media


Our project team has produced these interactive components to help show and tell about Kell Hall.

Kell Hall in the Georgia State Signal

Pages from GSUS1946-11-06.JPG

Since 1945, the Georgia State Signal, under various names, has contained many photographs and articles about or relating to the Ivy Street Building.…