Bird Community & Countercultures

The Bird is often remembered as a hippie newspaper.  Although the paper covered countercultural movements and lifestyles, most of the people who contributed to and worked on the paper did not self-identify as hippies; rather, they saw themselves as engaged political activists.  Yet in its eight years of publication, a diverse group of approximately five hundred people contributed to the paper through work in layout, writing, editing, art, sales, advertising, and circulation.  The bond that tied these people together was a passion to change the world and themselves for the better.

Photographed by Tom Coffin: Stephanie Coffin and infant at a free concert sponsored by the “Great Speckled Bird” alternative newspaper at Piedmont Park, Atlanta, Georgia, September 25, 1969.
Great Speckled Bird Christmas at the Bird House Atlanta, Georgia, December 12, 1971. 
Young woman seated on a sidewalk with a kitten. A young man is leaning over her with his back to the camera; he has an American flag patch on his right rear pocket, Atlanta, Georgia, April 1970.