Reproductive Justice

When The Bird was launched in 1968, abortion was not widely available to many women in the United States. Roe v. Wade had yet to be heard before the Supreme Court and reproductive issues were decided haphazardly. Most women did not have access to safe, inexpensive abortions. The Bird consistently advocated for the right of all women to have access to abortion.

Indeed, the paper adopted the policy that “every woman has the right to a convenient, free, legal, safe abortion on demand.” The staff recognized that abortion was woven into a larger concept of reproductive rights and justice that went beyond a matter of freedom of choice. In other words, if abortions were not convenient and accessible to all women of all backgrounds, they would be the privilege of those with money and influence. In addition to this advocacy, The Bird also reported on news related to the issue, published statements by women’s groups fighting for reproductive rights, and provided advertising space for abortion counselling services.