Participatory Journalism

From its founding, the intention of the Bird was to publish news and perspectives unreported by the established media in Atlanta, and the mode of reporting was participatory journalism in which people affiliated with the Bird played roles in organizing, publicizing, attending, and ultimately reporting on events and actions in Atlanta, the nation, and even around the world.  

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Issue Themes: 
Anti-War Activism
Black Freedom Struggles
International Freedom Struggles
Women’s Liberation
Lesbian & Gay Liberation
Labor Activism
Atlanta Politics
Urban Development & Environmentalism
Music, Film, and Art

Photo from Tom Coffin of AFSCME Local 1644-led sanitation strike, Atlanta, Georgia, March 1970. These photographs are taken outside the City of Atlanta Construction Department office and warehouse (110-111 Hill Street). Protestors are apparently attempting to block strikebreakers from crossing the picket-line and entering the office area. The photograph series is labeled “Garbage Strike.”