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Adopt a Negative for Restoration

Thank you for visiting our online exhibit!

Our mission is to preserve our millions of photographs for generations to come, which is often a difficult and daunting task. We hope you will consider helping by “adopting” a set of damaged negatives for restoration.

Your donation will allow us to repair your chosen negatives. The negatives are sent out to a specialized conservation lab where each one is meticulously restored.

Once you have adopted a collection of negatives, you will receive a digital copy of each restored image for your personal use. Please allow up to 6 months for delivery of your images.

With your help, we look forward to preserving Atlanta’s photographic history!

Individual Negatives ($150.00)

Delta Airlines passengers, 1930s.

Negative 01 ($150)
Henry Grady Monument, 1940s.

Negative 02 ($150)
Roller Derby, 1937.

Negative 03 ($150)
Southeastern Fair, 1945.

Negative 04 ($150)
Dance, 1941.

Negative 05 ($150)
University of Alabama, 1939

Negative 06 ($150)
Southeastern Fair Race, 1944.

Negative 07 ($150)

Negative Collections ($300.00)

Negative Collections ($500)

Negative Collections ($900)

Negative Collections ($1000)

Negative Collections ($2500)