Red Dyke Theatre

“There was a theater group, Womansong Theatre, that had existed before ALFA was formed. It was a feminist theater, straight and gay women in it. They did skits, and songs, and humorous stuff with feminist themes. Red Dyke theatre became the lesbian version of [it]. We would have performances, and we’d have fundraisers. They did lip-synching, which was of course a bar popularity. And then they did little skits that made some political point about either queerness or being a woman, or something like that.”
Lorraine Fontana, October 29, 2012

Sisters of No Mercy

The Sisters of No Mercy performed in Atlanta for more than three years in the early 1980s. They were a diverse group as to lifestyle, sexual preference, profession, age, and political priorities. Despite these differences, they promoted the power of women and used humor, music, and drama to encourage others to affirm their own strengths.

EstroFest Productions, Inc.

Established in 1999, EstroFest Productions, Inc. produced and sponsored programs that promoted and affirmed the creative talends and technical skills of women in the visual, performing and fine arts. EstroFest was active until the end of 2003, at which time its co-founder, Ruth Anna Millman resigned.