Cracker Barrel

In February 1991, lesbian cook Cheryl Summerville was fired from a Douglasville, GA Cracker Barrel restaurant for violating the company’s conservative lifestyle policy. In response, Atlanta’s Queer Nation chapter organized a national boycott of the restaurants, as well as local protests and sit-ins. One of its members, Carl Owens, wrote to over 90 publications around the country, urging people to buy a single share of Cracker Barrel stock. Together, new stockholders could pressure Cracker Barrel to create a non-discrimination policy. This became known as the Buy One Campaign.

For 11 years, the activist stockholders attended meetings, requested policy change, and wrote letters about their concerns, and eventually, in 2002, Cracker Barrel changed its policy to include sexual orientation.

News clipping; “Not Just Fired, but Fired Up”
Flyer — “Waiter, there’s a Bigot in my Cracker Barrel biscuit” protest
Photograph — Cracker Barrel protest 
Photograph — Cracker Barrel protest 
Newspaper clipping — “Activists to press Cracker Barrel” 
Photograph — Cracker Barrel protester
Flyer — “National Organization for Women (NOW) Cracker Barrel protest”
Photograph — Cracker Barrel Protest
Newspaper clipping — “Cracker Barrel stock purchase planned”
Letter from Frank Garrison to Carl Owen
Photograph — Cracker Barrel patron reacts to protestors
Letter from Beverly Skinner to Carl Owens
Photograph — Cracker Barrel protest