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Rebuilding Neighborhoods, Restoring Health: A report on the impact of foreclosures on public health (PDF)
Alameda County Public Health Department and Just Cause, California, 2009

The recent foreclosure crisis disproportionately impacted low income and minority communities. The loss of homes and entire neighborhoods disrupted families and communities, and impacted health in neighborhoods already experiencing the poorest health outcomes. Displacement has been shown to result in health inequities, including psychological anguish and poor physical health.

Produced for the report on the health impact of foreclosures, this diagram dramatically illustrates the impact of foreclosure on both individuals and communities, and can be applied to communities across the U.S., not just in Alameda County, California.

Pathway Diagram of Individual and Community Health Impacts of Foreclosure, published in Rebuilding Neighborhoods, Restoring Health, 2010
Alameda County Public Health Department and Just Cause, Oakland, California